Inventor – Eddie Stacey


UP-DATE: From the year 2009 to 2014

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After working more than 48 years in the Film and Television industries as a stuntman, stunt-coordinator and second-unit Director, I began getting involved in restaurants over a couple of decades to season myself as a Restaurateur. The reason I went into the restaurant business on the side of my professional stunt work, is because I loved to cook. Food and Wine are just a few of my passions. I was taught to cook by my Mother as she had to work 24/7 to take care of my sister and myself. We both learned to cook, clean and help with the housework. These were all integral parts of my growing up and I loved every moment. Looking back, these things helped to unlock my independence so that at ripe age of 15, when I started work, I could do practically everything in the home (including sewing and ironing). I had a great head-start to my wonderful life, to which I say, “Thank You Mom”.

After having worked on over 160 films, television shows and working with some of the leading celebrities in the industry, I decided to slow down. I love my professional stunt work, and my exposure to the celebrity life; but I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunities to fulfill other dreams of mine.

In early 2009 I took a long awaited gap from my hectic life to fulfill a dream of mine to sail to various parts of the world. First we would sail from Venezuela in a 47ft yacht back to the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, when I arrived in Venezuela the yacht had just been sold, for full asking price (imagine that!). So, with our “Thinking Caps On”, after many days of contact with the other crew member (Goron Dove) we arranged to meet in the British Virgin Islands and do the return trip along the “European Arc”. The start date was six weeks away, so of I went to Antigua were one of my closest friends Colleen Brown lives with her partner Gilly. I had a wonderful three weeks with them and many of their local friends, it could not have worked out better and what a great start to the trip ahead.

The yacht for the trip home was a Hallberg-Rassy 36, rather small to do that sort of trip but one of the best yachts around for long distant cruising. I kept in contact with David Clarkson (Captain / Owner) to arrange a meeting place, and as it turned out he was going to be in Antigua for a few days with his wife. As luck would have it, she was going to return to the UK. Perfect! We met up before heading to the British Virgin Islands to begin the race to Bermuda, The Azores, Portugal, Cork Ireland and on to the United Kingdom. It turned out to be very exciting trip—4,500 nautical miles, crossing the Atlantic twice, a fantastic experience.

After a period back in United Kingdom I planned my next big sailing trip. I had been communicating with the owner of a 50ft sloop in Fiji and all was set—I would fly to Fiji, join the yacht club there, and when the time was right would be off to Australia and New Zealand.

In November 2009 I took a trip to California for some meetings about a couple of films that were in development for 2010/2011. When I visited California during this time, I stayed in Newport Beach instead of where I normally stayed, Toluca Lake in the Valley. The reason for this sudden change was the loss of my closest and dearest friend, Michael Wayne, in 2004. The loss changed my life in a very big way. I had spent so many wonderful years with him, his family and friends—everybody loved Michael. He has been greatly missed and will always be in my heart.

While visiting with Ethan Wayne (Michael’s Brother), also a very dear and close friend in Newport, my life changed yet again. I was introduced to a wonderful lady, Janet, by Malinda Munoz Wayne (Micheal and Ethan’s Sister). As you can see, the Wayne family had been a great part of my life and will always be. Well, the rest is history. Janet and I fell in love and finally married March 09, 2012.

Janet being an Italian-Californian has spent most of her life in Newport Beach and that is where we now share our lives together. With my new found love, and the start of a new direction in my life, I was beginning to concentrate on my film industry business once again.

I have never been the one to sit around and wait for things to happen. I have to get out there and try and make them happen. I love coming up with new ideas, ‘inventing’ all my life. I have always loved to cook, and with this in mind, the “Eggs Plus Pan” came to be born. It has taken me more than 2 ½ years of development and design to have the fruits of my labor launched, and what made it even more difficult? I wanted to produce the product here, in America. I have had wonderful times here and this is where I would like to stay.

Finally, after a second attempt, the great American cookware company, Nordic Ware, believed in my vision for the Eggs Plus Pan, and agreed to produce it. I would personally like to thank the many fine people at Nordic Ware for all their enthusiastic support and outstanding professional guidance in the final adjustments to the Eggs Plus Pan. Together we have now produced an amazing product that will revolutionize modern kitchens and cooking all around the world.